Ebola in Guinea: How the outbreak and response differed to neighbouring West Africa nations

Date: Tuesday 11 July 2017 Time: 4:30pm to 6:30pm Venue: John Snow Lecture Theatre, LSHTM, Keppel Street London, WC1E 7HT, UK   Overview: The global effort to respond to the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak was visibly partitioned by colonial-era ties with aid and support flowing from the United Kingdom to Sierra Leone, the United States to […]

HHCC Seminar Series: Use of Illicit Drugs among Young Adults in a Post-Conflict Society, Kosovo 2002-2013

Speaker: Dafina Mucaj Date: Wednesday 21 June 2017 Time: 12:45 pm – 1:45 pm Venue: John Snow A, LSHTM, Keppel Street, London, WC1E 7HT, UK Type of event: Seminar Overview: The use of illicit drugs is a major public health issue worldwide and has become a serious problem in Kosovo. This study aims at understanding the trends of illicit drug use […]

Afghanistan: 15 years of contracting out health services

Speaker: Egbert Sondorp Date: Thursday, June 8th, 2017 Time: 12:45- 1:45pm Venue: LG80, Keppel Street, LSHTM  Abstract: As of 2002, Afghanistan entered a unique, novel ‘experiment’ by contracting out the provision of all primary health care services to national and international NGOs, with the Ministry of Public Health in the role of steward, setting policies […]