RECAP – Research capacity building and knowledge generation to support preparedness and response to humanitarian crises and epidemics

Principal Investigator: Bayard Roberts (LSHTM)


RECAP is 4-year project led by LSHTM which began in October 2017 and is funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund.  RECAP’s vision is to strengthen research capacity and capability to generate knowledge on how to improve decision-making and accountability to help support preparedness and response to humanitarian crises and epidemics. It involves both research and research capacity building and applies multi-disciplinary research methods.


RECAP focuses particularly on the health and protection sectors in humanitarian crises. The research objectives include:

  • Support improved metrics for agency and sector performance
  • Mathematical modelling techniques for epidemic preparedness and response
  • Economic methods to inform decision- making
  • Examine current use of data and evidence in decision-making
  • Explore accountability frameworks & enforcement mechanisms
  • Examine ethical preparedness and provision


The capacity building objectives include:

  • Training on the research methods used in the research objectives
  • Institutional capacity building; individual capacity building
  • Building UK capability


RECAP university partners include University of Sierra Leone, American University of Beirut, Oxford University, Refugee Law Initiative at the School of Advanced Studies (London University), the LSE; and NGO partners include Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), International Rescue Committee (IRC), Save the Children, and BRAC.