Book Launch: Humanitarian Action and Ethics – the Virtues of ‘Ethical’ Experience

Book Launch: Humanitarian Action and Ethics – the Virtues of ‘Ethical’ Experience

Date: 15th March, 2019

Time: 17:30-19:00

Venue: John Snow A, Keppel St, LSHTM

In this panel, we reflect on the recently published edited volume of Humanitarian Action and Ethics. Humanitarian Action and Ethics aimed to create a space to bring forth ethical reflections from the humanitarian context of aid and relief workers, academics, clinicians and other humanitarian actors. The book represents a collective discourse of interdisciplinary approaches from anthropology to philosophy to sociology to try to improve our human condition especially during times of crisis. This panel will explore both the vantage points of our individualised areas of specialisations and most importantly, to critique the future directions of what it means to embody ethics as part of humanitarian action and the ways we can ensure such reflection is disseminated. We conclude by hoping that humanitarian action and ethics can serve as a mode to initiate and create new languages and dialogues so that case studies become humanised as stories of ethical encounters and the ‘field’ is reframed as representing someone’s home. Humanitarian Action and Ethics is therefore an initiative, which we must thank our contributors for carving challenging narratives into some of the dominant discourse of humanitarianism.


Chair: Professor Bayard Roberts, LSHTM


Dr Caroline Clarinval works at the World Health Organization (WHO) and is based in Kiev, Ukraine. In her current function as the team lead of the WHO health emergencies programme, she is responsible for WHO’s emergency response operations in Ukraine.

Dr Ayesha Ahmad is co-editor of the book. She is a lecturer in Global Health at St. George’s University of London and Honorary Lecturer at the Institute for Global Health, UCL. She specialises in transcultural psychiatry with a focus on mental health and gender-based violence during conflict and humanitarian crisis with a focus on cross-cultural notions of trauma.

Dr James Smith.


The event is free for all to attend, no registration required.