LSHTM hosts visit on disaster preparedness

Karl Blanchet hosted a visit by public health experts from the Indian state of Odisha on strengthening public health preparedness for natural disasters in Odisha. The visit was organised in conjunction with Public Health England.

Presentation at USAID, DFID, and 3ie meeting on evaluating the impact of humanitarian interventions

Bayard Roberts presented the findings of the DFID/Wellcome/Elhra Humanitarian Evidence Review at a meeting on ‘Evaluating the impact of humanitarian interventions: scope, methods and findings” on 21st March 2014 hosted by DFID, USAID and 3ie.

Crises Group receives second grant from DFID/Wellcome Trust and Elhra

The Public Health in Humanitarian Crises Group has received a follow-up grant from DFID/Wellcome Trust and Elhra to expand its working reviewing evidence on public health interventions in humanitarian crises.