New editorial on noncommunicable diseases and post-conflict countries

Bayard Roberts, Preeti Patel, Martin McKee. Noncommunicable Diseases and Post-Conflict Countries. Bulletin of the World Health Organisation. 2012 Jan; 90(1): 2-3.

SIPRI meeting on Health as a Peace Dividend

Bayard Roberts and Gunilla Backman from the Humanitarian Crises Group participated in the ‘Expert Meeting on Health as a Peace Dividend’ in Stockholm on 5-16 December 2011 run by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s Global Health and Security Programme.

Lectures at IMMEC

Lucy Reynolds from the Humanitarian Crises Group successfully delivered two lectures at the Military Medical Engagement in Indigenous Health Systems Course (IMMEC) organised by the British Forces: One lecture on epidemiology of humanitarian crises and a second one on Civil and Military Cooperation: a view from the other side.