South Sudan: Estimates of crisis-attributable mortality

Estimates of crisis-attributable mortality in South Sudan, December 2013- April 2018: A statistical analysis Checchi, F*., Testa, A., Warsame., A. Quach, L., & Burns, R. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine September 2018 *corresponding author: The conflict in South Sudan has likely led to nearly 400,000 excess deaths in the country’s population since […]

UK Public Health Rapid Support Team (UK-PHRST) – website live

The UK-PHRST is a specialist team ready to respond to disease outbreaks around the world before they develop into health emergencies. The team also conducts rigorous operational research to improve epidemic preparedness. Funded by UK aid from the Department of Health and Social Care, it supports low- and middle-income countries in investigating and responding to disease […]

Support for UNRWA’s survival

Support for UNRWA’s survival 159 scholars and scientists, including Crises Centre Director’s Karl Blanchet and Jennifer Palmer, other members, and other LSHTM academics have just signed a letter published last night in The Lancet, calling for support for UNRWA’s survival in the face of funding cuts from the current US administration. “The United Nations Relief […]