Missing Maps Mapathon @ LSHTM

What is the Missing Maps Project? The Missing Maps Project aims to map the most crisis-prone parts of the developing world using satellite photographs. These maps are utilized by a variety of organizations to aid in natural disaster response and public health research. The Mapathon will take place at LSHTM Keppel Street (Refectory) from 17:30-21:00 […]

Eastern Ghouta: A new Sarajevo. Again and again!

Following the dramatic situation in Eastern Ghouta, Karl Blanchet, Director of the Health in Humanitarian Crisis Centre, has issued the following statement: I am shocked and horrified by the persistent attacks and bombings on civilians in Eastern Ghouta. The 400,000 civilians living in this enclave in the periphery of Damascus have experienced four days of […]

The movie “New Barbarianism” is now online

The New Barbarianism is a CSIS Global Health Policy Center original feature documentary (58 minutes) that examines the crisis, its causes, the limited international response and possible ways forward through dozens of interviews and original footage obtained from inside Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan. It builds on several years of prior GHPC work on the intersection […]